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o god there's a reissue of pretty hate machine. why is winter doing all these things to me? I AM TRYING, lord thundering fuck it.


oh, the prospect of therapy. apart from the inherent joy of anticipating the spillage one's deepest, most hateful, and most irrational stances and insecurities to a professionally distant stranger - for (lots of) money (squee!) - is the true fact that if any practice has any hope of doing anything nondestructive it will require the willing suspension of disbelief during both the search for an available listener who is not a total hopesucking axe-murder-worthy twat and during the thing itself.

oh, embedded clauses. is there any idea you can't obfuscate?


i was gonna say that julian assange needs to set up an al-qaeda-style training camp in some failed state (where do i sign up?!), but apparently i'm behind the times in both style and necessity. wicked.


i take as truth that it is foolish to a) let our hangups abort something so scintillating and b) to live as if these hangups do not exist and influence how we perceive and interact with each other. i'm learning to be okay with the fact that whatever pathetic and weak shit i spew, volcanolike, from time to time will influence what the people i care about think of me. i just hope the pathetic and weak shit is appropriately tempered (why, i'm doing it right now!) by vaguely fun, insightful, or worthwhile shit. it's all shit, in the end, is what i'm saying. i want your shit, do you want mine?

god. what else is there?
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