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"It is irrelevant to even talk of a core of Self when circumstances do not sustain its expression or development, when life has tampered with it and harmed it. Worrying about having a self is a luxury. But it is also a form of resistance."

What we hold in common: an introduction to working-class studies


I wish someone had given me "Proud to Work for the University" before I had ever felt duty or entitlement to set foot inside of one, a merit-scholarship-aided discombobulation into kinds of people and levels of debt I was too naive to even imagine. "My dad didn't work at a factory, he worked for the University - among artists, engineers, and scientists. The wonder, the absolute fortune, was that we were going to do our work in life with questions, theories, problems, and poems - not with our backs, not with our bleeding hands." Of course that was what I wanted! University - you'll love it so!


By which I mean to say I can't fucking wait for the Common Cause anarcho-communist day school in Hamilton in May. What is the work and how is it to be done?


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