Jun. 11th, 2010

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My current job affords me long hours of computer access some nights, which makes me kind of giddy. It's overnight awake support at L'Arche, so when everybody sleeps through the night it consists of waking people for washroom breaks, light housework, and one person's morning routine from 6 to 7 am. Crises can and have already happened but there's also a lot of potential time to think and read and make fudge for when people wake up. It's a temporary position but full-time temporary and I have been earning such a woefully inadequate income for so long that I am extremely grateful for this fact right now. Yeah, basic needs met? Life is better than average. The fact that my job can be enjoyable and contain moments of such intense humanity and being rightinthemoment with people is an incredible bonus.

Anyhow, my point is that I've been doing a shameful amount of Facebooking and it seems like a good opportunity to just archive it all here and utilize what I perceive as a more anonymous forum to spew my opinions instead from now on since I clearly tend to do that all over the place when given a keyboard, solitude, and time. I'm so bad at the necessary FB soundbite and LJ is tailor-made to rambling, so here I find myself. I'm sure others are familiar with the built-up anxious state when it's been so long that posting is like Breaking The Silence. But this is spring and in the spirit of Manning Up I go at it with the mantra of David Sedaris' brother: "Certain motherfuckers think they can fuck with my shit, but you can't kill the Rooster. You might can fuck him up sometimes, but, bitch, nobody kills the motherfucking Rooster. You know what I'm saying?" You're GD right I do.
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two of my most recent fervent obsessions...i just set the internet to 'synthesize'...


does anyone else feel conflicted about the dollar store?


can't we all just hate capitalism together? common enemy, all that?

Nigeria's agony dwarfs the Gulf oil spill. The US and Europe ignore it.


Self-Referential Word of the Night Actually Used As Slang by Physicians to Refer to a Type of Patient: GROLIES - Guardian Reader Of Low Intellect In Ethnic Skirt. And so the libertarian and the socialist and the depression tangoed in the dark...


And, in other news, Ontario Provincial Police Officer torments a kid with Tourette's syndrome and calls him a 'retard'


i know that (most?) people care scads more about the world cup than i do, but i admit to a dirty fascination that the hands-down most authoritarian, spectacular, and embarrassing state in the world is playing... also that they drew brazil as their first opponents... and that no defeats will be broadcast or acknowledged in the DPRK itself, but the rest of the world gets its first HD glance into the eyes of a few of our trampled-upon Korean neighbours.


Pros: no autotune or intensive Jian Ghomeshi promotion; even furries can do the dance

Cons: can someone use a multimillion dollar video budget without focussing on tired 100-year old tropes about Africa already? Yes, Africa is the Land of Wide Empty Spaces and Noble Creatures, and The People have Music and Rhythm Deep in their Souls.


i am very glad that this article exists, for though i am from a Quaint and Friendly people myself, i could not say anything this smartly. besides, who doesn't love a cynical tone? :-P


Police: Stephanie Rochester feared son had autism, admitted she put blankets, plastic bag over baby - Anxiety that having an autistic child would financially and emotionally "ruin" her life drove a Superior mental-health counselor to asphyxiate her 6-month-old son with a plastic bag before putting blankets over his head "so that he would die," according to court documents released Monday.

Just in case you thought that society is not continuing to fail those experiencing 'mental illness' AND those with a 'developmental disability' at a crisis level. Of course the media is demonizing and spewing hate at the mother as it is wont to do and everybody loses in the end.


Well, that was frustrating and second-guess-worthy on many levels. Hopefully the ice is good and rebroken; it's like setting a foot that healed badly. Ugh at my Facebook self. Forced diplomacy, hindsight, etc. Because My Bosses Are My Friends.

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Eventually I am sure I will process this enough to say something about it that includes content.
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