Jul. 7th, 2010

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just talking about what an unusual number of people i have witnessed declining from dementia for someone who's barely 28, then come across this article to drive it home. however, without prompting in casual conversation i guessed the top 6 or 7 most common names in the US, so i think my rote recall for the useless remains intact, at least. tomorrow - hawks. thursday - the nouveau haligonian descends. friday - off for a weekend on crown land. can't wait for the all night off the grid bassthumping conversations and woodsy, lakey, doggy goodness. need some deep woods novels. hmm.
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All events are free and accessible.
*indicates refreshments

Monday July 12th: 3:30pm to8pm*
May Robinson Auditorium, 20 Westlodge Ave.
Mad and Proud By Houselink
Featuring: PCLS Legal Jeopardy – No Your Rights
-Presentations about ‘What gives us strength’
-Movie: ‘These Broken Wings’ – 75 min, documentary
Featuring the stories of two women who recovered from schizophrenia: Joanne Greenberg, author of the best selling novel I Never Promised You A Rose Garden, and Catherine Penney, a mental health nurse in California whose healing tale was chronicled by her therapist Daniel Norman MD, in the book Dante’s Cure: A journey out of madness.
-film is followed by discussion

Tuesday July 13th: 1pm to 3pm
Parkdale Activity Recreation Centre, 1499 Queen Street West
Living Archives Project

The Living Archive Project is a community initiative run out of the Parkdale Activity Recreation Centre that aims to re-tell the history of PARC and Parkdale through film, performance and historical preservation done by and for PARC members. This year, we will present a short history of our project and screen our new short film: Survivors on Surviving” staring Alice and John Rogers.

Wednesday July 14th: 6:30pm to 8:30pm
Gather on the southwest corner of Queen and Shaw
do to construction at the former patio site
1001 Queen Street West (Ossington Entrance)
The Patient Built Wall Tour
*featuring prelude w. May F.
By Geoffrey Reaume, of Psychiatric Survivor Archives Toronto

Thursday July 15th, 1pm to 4pm*
Members Lounge, Toronto City Hall
100 Queen Street West.
Still Crazy After All These Years*
By Consumer Survivor Show Case
RSVP to Timothy@awaycourier.ca

Friday July 16th, 5pm – 10pm*
May Robinson Auditorium
20 Westlodge Ave
Mad Culture Jam: -Dream Team – 5pm
-Open Stage - 5:30pm
-Pandemic Theatre – Imbalance 6:30
-A Tale of Intolerance, Charlene Zack 7pm
-The Friendly Spike Theatre Band presents
A reading of their new play
The Dega and The Delbasid -7:30pm
-Skit about Special Diet Changes, by Myrna Schacherl– 8:30pm

Saturday July 17th, 1pm – 5pm*
Gather at the southwest corner of Queen and Shaw
do to construction at the former patio site
1001 Queen Street West and Parade
To PARC 1499 Queen W
Fourth Annual BedPush Parade,
-An historical scene
-The PARC Drummers!
-The Bobbi Nahwegahbow Memorial Award
-Mad Pride Honors
-Party at PARC


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