Oct. 11th, 2010

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(from silhouette masterpiece theatre)


yes, i'm leaving the high-concept or zeitgeist-capturing to others without shame in favour of greater subtlety than even last year's last minute french maid. a new confidence for my waning twenties, these years of interpretive blindness to mutual exclusivity - still claiming the refusal to suspend disbelief is a failure of imagination


ooh, but maybe my fascination with science in thrall solely to teh awesome (fig 1; fig 2) would be better expressed in some sort of moth-to-the-flame halloween haberdashery?


another day, another dilemma! fiddle dee dee!
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1) don't look too good
2) nor talk too wise


i used to cross-stitch when i was a little kid. it's easy to draft your own patterns on graph paper. enamored by pixels, always.

(it's a still from the security tape from the columbine school shootings - putting the 'domestic' back in domestic terrorism)


one drafter-of-patterns that i'm partial to manages radicalcrossstitch.com:

(yeah, it's ballard)


and, like, once you have an idea graphed, it's multiply realizable!


impending winter is inspiring stencil/screenprinting/sewing/baking project-oriented thinking. also forcing encouraging self-effacing, broke, talented friends onto etsy. let's get merry and chubby and inkstained, i say, isolation be damned. there's something to producing things you don't have to think too semantically/analytically about....must functionally replace a few of the million hours of video games that were so fulfilling last winter.

..you know?


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